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Coredeluxe Speed Rope Preferred Dimension
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Coredeluxe Speed Rope features with adjustable speed cable and precision ball-bearing system as our standard design, but with shorter, tapered handles.

They come in several different color finish options, and include sandblast textured spindles with a reliable, fine-knurled grip and laser-etched Coredeluxe branding.

Other updates with this Speed Rope include the use of high speed oil (rather than grease) in the bearing system, and the introduction of a new lightweight aluminum head (in place of steel), which is CNC machined and anodized.

For quality construction, blazing speed, smooth spin, and a customizable look, the Coredeluxe Speed Rope knows no rivals. 

Customized logo printing avaible.

Raw Material Top quality

upper level durable aluminum alloy or plastics etc.

Elegant & Longlasting Coredeluxe exclusive Speed Ropes

Coredeluxe Speed Ropes are built for elegant & longlasting

High-level customization Customization allowed

High-level customized and being capable to use these Coredeluxe speed ropes in such as the Professional gym, household etc.


  • Material:
    durable aluminum alloy or plastics etc
  • Characteristic:
    Elegant & Longlasting
  • Pairs:
  • Usage:
  • Brand:
  • Country of origin:
    Xiamen, P.R.C
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    Coredeluxe Speed Ropes


1. Coredeluxe Speed Ropes are made by top quality, upper level alluminium alloy and plastics materials in Xiamen, P.R.C.

2. Coredeluxe Speed Ropes are a great tool that helps you make your workouts more efficient and organized whether at home or at the gym.

3. Coredeluxe Speed Ropes are produced with high quality and standard which it will give you best Olympic feeling.

4.Coredeluxe Speed Ropes to burn calories and practice strength training efficiently.

5. A variety of options offered by our quality coredeluxe Speed Ropes are well known to the  world. For thoses, the flexibility, variety, and size of the gym equipment make this a "must have" in your home gym.

6.We coredeluxe are design your own Speed Ropes your own logo on these Speed Ropes. Design your gym according to all the rules of art to create the perfect training atmosphere for maximum training success. Show your love for, rely on personalized gym equipment and convey your strongest message: your uniqueness!

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