Urethane Hand Grip Weight Plates and why you need them 中国站
Mar 23,22 Coredeluxe Events
Deluxe (Xiamen) Sports Equipment Co., Ltd. is an integrating bumper plates, weightlift plates and powerlifting plates etc products along with its research and development (R&D), production as well as

5 Best Upper Chest Exercises
Mar 23,22 Coredeluxe Events
The upper part of the chest, known as the pectoralis major clavicular head, is one of the most difficult muscles for a bodybuilder to fully develop. Even some of the top pro bodybuilders find it a str

7 Keys To Competitive Powerlifting Success
Mar 23,22 Coredeluxe Events
How deep do you need to squat? Can you use a monolift? When is it okay to jump commands? And should you pack your straps? There's a lot more to powerlifting than just pulling the weight off the fl